Sunday, November 1, 2015

Beetlejuice! Halloween Look #2

Hello lovelies,

I didn't end up doing as many Halloween looks as I intended to, but there is always next year! 

Look number two is Beetlejuice.
I listed the details of what I used, on my Instagram if you're interested. 
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE! 👻🎃

Happy Halloween!

-Pretties and Pastries

Monday, October 26, 2015

Deep Sea Siren. Halloween Look #1

Hello lovelies!!

With Halloween just around the corner, I got started on some fun makeup looks.
Look número uno is my interpretation of a deep sea siren. 
This could also be done for a mermaid costume as well. 
I used Mehron activated white, MAC deep damson for the eyes and scales/contour, LA Colors Haute palette for the shimmery purple highlight, Inglot white gel liner for the dots, Dior It-lash mascara, Colourpop zipper and Sephora polished purple lip stain on brows and lips, Vegas Nay grand glamour lashes (top) and Sephora celebrity lashes (bottom), Anastasia jet creme liner, Sally Beauty mixed glitters, elf glitter glue and NYX glitter liner.
See you next time! 💋

-Pretties and Pastries

Friday, September 18, 2015

Under the Sea Cookies

Hi loves! 

I was asked to do some cookies for a birthday party recently. The theme was under water/mermaids and this is what I came up with. 
*Under the sea, starfish and jellyfish cookies* 

I loved these! Tons of shimmer, sanding sugar and airbrushing. For the airbrushing I used Amerimist's colors. 

If you have any questions on how I did a particular thing, then just ask me in the comments below

See you next time!

-Pretties and Pastries

Saturday, September 12, 2015

BECCA Champagne Pop

Hey lovelies! 

I'm sure that by now, everyone has seen/purchased/tried this beautiful highlighter. 

Since I am more on the fair side, I can really layer this on without having it be overboard; although I do prefer Moonstone over Champagne Pop for fair-light skintones to get that true highlight vs dewy skin look. I find that this gives lighter skintones the look of "my skin but better", and it looks beautiful on pretty much everyone!
*Swatched on NC15 skin. The first is a regular swatch, the second is foiled with Fix+.*

A huge congratulations to Jaclyn Hill and Becca for this extremely successful launch and a truly amazing and gorgeous product! 

Champagne Pop is rumored to have a permanent spot in the Becca line and I REALLY hope that is true. I guess we will see soon enough. 

Until next time, 

Pretties and Pastries

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Adding Makeup Geek Shadow Pans to MAC Pro Palettes


So I know everyone goes crazy for Z palettes but I am a bigger fan of MAC pro palettes due mainly to the price (large Z palettes are around $20, MAC's are $8), I also feel like MAC palettes are a lot more durable and sturdy. One of the downfalls of choosing these palettes though is that Makeup Geek pans don't stick in them without adding a magnet to the back of the pan, or adding a magnetic sheet to the actual palette itself. I prefer to put a magnet on the back, so here is a tutorial on how I do that and still keep the label intact.
1. Place the eyeshadow pan (you can also do this with their blush pans) on a clean and soft surface.

2. Put a blow dryer about 1" away from the pan and turn the dryer on for approximately 30 seconds (this will differ based on how hot your dryer gets), if the label starts to shrivel then hold the dryer a little farther away. 

3. Test the edge of the label and see if it will easily peel away from the pan, if not then repeat step 2 until the glue is soft enough to easily peel away leaving the sticker intact.

4. Place the label on a 1" circle magnet. Press and smooth out the label onto the magnet. I get my magnets from Hobby Lobby. They are precut 1" circles with an adhesive backing and have a magnetic strength of 2; if you can't find something like this then just trace a 1" circle onto a magnetic sheet that has an adhesive backing, cut it out and use that instead. 

5. Peel the paper off the back of the magnet to expose the adhesive then place the magnet on the back of the eyeshadow pan, sticky side down. 

6. Now your MUG shadows will fit into the MAC palettes whether you use the dividers or not (I only use the divider inserts for my blushes, not shadows). 

The magnets I use are strong enough to not have them fallout or move around at all in these palettes. Even if I were to travel with them, I don't have to worry about them shattering or getting ruined. 

Hopefully you found this helpful. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section down below.

 Until next time,

-Pretties and Pastries

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Smokey Eye with Purple, Pink and Orange

Welcome lovelies, 

I loved this look and I think I will be going to it a lot more, but using different colors.

Eyes: Tarte deep purple, Inglot pigment #86, MAC mylar, soft ochre, embark, rule, Kat Von D tattoo liner in trooper, Forever 21 lashes.

Face: Estee Lauder double wear in 1W1, NYC/Maybelline translucent loose powder, Kat Von D shade light palette, MAC crisp whites blush, Essence autumn peach blush, elf moonlight pearls.

Lips: MAC kinda sexy, Sephora love life lipstick.

Brows: Anastasia dipbrow in soft brown and chocolate, brow gel in clear.

Until next time,

-Pretties and Pastries 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Brow Pomades/Gelcreme Swatches and Comparisons

L to R: MAC True Brunette fluidline brow gelcreme from the Wash and Dry collection ($16), NYX Brunette tame & frame pomade ($7), Anastasia Soft Brown dipbrow ($18). 

They are all VERY similar in color and wear, but the slight differences are as follows, True Brunette has a slightly warmer undertone and is the most long wearing  and opaque of the three, Brunette has the most neutral color and lasts just as long on the brows as dipbrow, Soft Brown has a coolest undertone; but just barely and usually lasts a good 8 hours before it starts to fade. 

I was quite surprised at how great of a dupe the NYX pomade was!! $7 vs $16/$18 which would you choose?

Until next time,

-Pretties and Pastries

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mini MAC haul/swatches from the Wash and Dry collection

Hello lovelies! 

I have been anxiously anticipating the release of this collection! Mainly for the new colors of fluidline brow gelcremes because I got Deep Dark Brunette since it was the closest match for what MAC had at the time, but it is just a bit too dark for me and there is quite a jump between that and Dirty Blonde so neither were quite right to match my midtoned brown hair (I sound like the Goldilocks of brows gels *haha*). The new brow fluidline colors are Ash Blonde and True Brunette which is perfect to go along with the original brow gelcremes which are Dirty Blonde, Redhead and Deep Dark Brunette. These are hands down the best brow gels on the market in my opinion and I highly recommend you get your hands on a pot to try it for yourself. 

Between the blushes I thought Crisp Whites was the more unique so I picked up that one for my collection. Hipness is beautiful as well but there are a lot of blushes out there that will give you that same rosie glow (think NARS Deep Throat or a less shimmery version of Springsheen) so that one was a pass for me. 
Left: Crisp Whites blush, True Brunette fluidline brow gelcreme.
Crisp whites is a beautiful apricot blush with a satin sheen, perfect for giving a nice natural glow that won't emphasize any redness you may have in your skin. True brunette is a midtone brown with a good balance of warm and cool undertones that will match a large range of hair colors. 
I know a lot of people love the packaging of this collection. What do you think about it?
Nothing else from the Wash and Dry collection really felt like a must have for me. Is there anything from this collection that I shouldn't pass on? 

Until next time,

-Pretties and Pastries

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hello lovelies, 

Today's eye makeup is as follows:

Eyes- Colourpop in So Quiche, MAC Soft Ochre, Bamboo, Cork, Handwritten, Mylar, Kat Von D Trooper tattoo liner, Blinc mascara, Forever 21 lashes.

Brows- MAC Deep Dark Brunette fluidline gelcream, Anastasia clear brow gel.

Until next time,

Pretties and Pastries

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tigger Cake

Welcome! It's been a while since I have done a cake and so it felt so nice to be working with all my baking stuff again! 

The only theme for this cake is the darling little Disney character Tigger, so I wanted to keep everything else around him pretty basic. 
I wish I would have gotten some better pictures of this cake, but these will have to do. The cake is chocolate with orange flavored buttercream, the rocks are a clear hard candy that I colored with food coloring and some petal dust, the flower centers are sugar pearls, I used fondant/gumpaste/a mixture of the two for everything else. Everything was colored with Americolor gels/markers or airbrushed with Amerimists.
Close-ups of the waterfall, Tigger and the wood sign. 

I loved making this and it just shows me that I really want to practice my caking skills more. I hope you like it!

-Pretties and Pastries 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Anastasia Liquid Lipstick in Spicy vs Sephora Lip Stain in Mandarin Muse #10

Welcome!! I have been obsessing about both of these before they were even released. I just can't get enough of this color right now!
On the left is Anastasia Spicy, Sephora Mandarin Muse #10 is on the right.

There are only slight differences between the two. Spicy is more pigmented and has a bit more red, Mandarin Muse is slightly lighter and has a small amount of micro glitter. There is a price difference as well, Anastasia liquid lipsticks are $20 each while a Sephora lip stains are only $13 each. Both are well worth the money. Now I just need to restrain myself from buying all the other colors haha.

-Pretties and Pastries

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Wet N Wild Lipsticks

Welcome! These were a complete impulse buy, but I am so glad I got them because I am absolutely loving them! There are a few more colors but I only got the ones that didn't have shimmer.
From left to right: What's up, Doc?, Nouveau Pink, 15 Minutes Aflame, A Short Affair, Will You Be With Me?, Blind Date. 

These are super creamy, hydrating and pigmented, I can't believe they are only $0.99! The only ones that were more on the sheer side is A Short Affair and Blind Date, however they will be great though for when you want just a wash of color or topping off matte lipsticks for a boost of hydration. 

Bravo Wet N Wild! These are fantastic!

-Pretties and Pastries