Saturday, May 10, 2014

Lime (citrus) Cookies Tutorial

Hello and welcome! Here is a quick tutorial for you to see how I did the limes from last weeks Cinco de Mayo cookies (more on those to come). Needless to say, you could translate this to any type of citrus fruit though.
What you will need: 
-Americolor Electric Green, Bright White and Leaf Green 15 second consistency royal icing 
-Scribe tool or "Quilling tool"

For the seeds just pipe a small dot and then take the scribe tool and drag it from the center of the dot to the center of the cookie. The whole way through I used the "wet on wet" technique which basically means... put everything on the cookie as quickly as possible and then pray it turns out right sit back and admire your work.

 Viola! Quick, painless and the perfect compliment to so many types of festive cookies. 

Now I must head off to bed because my toddler may or may not be waking me up by dumping all her princess on my bed first thing in the morning (again). These are pretty straight forward but if you have questions or comments, just let me know. 

-Pretties and Pastries 

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