Monday, April 21, 2014

Global Sugar Art luster and twinkle dust swatches

As promised, here are the swatches from  the GSA haul I just did. For each color I dry swatches first, then wet on a small piece of wafer paper.
From top to bottom, left to right: GSA highlighter in gold, GSA highlighter in silver, GSA sterling pearl in light brown, GSA sterling pearl in brilliant sparkle. The gold highlighter is my favorite out of this bunch. I thought the silver highlighter would have the color/sheen payoff as the gold but it was right on par with the other silver luster dusts. Side note: the highlighters are toxic, everything else is non-toxic/food safe/edible. 
From left to right top to bottom: Alan Tetreault edible hybrid copper, Alan Tetreault edible nu silver, GSA edible hybrid super pearl, Crystal Colors bright silver. 
The close up still probably doesn't do these justice. Oh well, cant say I didn't try.
love each one of these! I see myself using the CC bright silver more than the others just because you get more for your money and it is just as radiant as the  hybrids. They all photographed pretty true to color and sheen payoff except for the copper, that is just one you will need to get for yourself and see in person how gorgeous it is. 
From top to bottom, left to right: Confectionary Arts International mystical dust in silver, CK metallic silver glitter, GSA twinkle dust in rainbow, GSA twinkle dust in hologram silver. 

These are not something that swatch very well, but if you get these on any type of icing or edible glue then these babies will really be able to work their glittery magic! Well, except for the CK metallic glitter, don't waist your money on these... you would be better off just sprinkling some sugar on your confectionary creations. 
Here is a close up of them. Hopefully you can get a better idea I how pretty these little beauties actual are. I cannot wait to use these!! Btw, the sparkle on the CK metallic in this pic is just fallout from the other glitters.

All in all I love the majority of these. I wouldn't hesitate to make another order from GSA, in fact I will probably be making another order soon for all the stuff they were out of stock of last time. 

I hope you liked seeing these swatches. I would highly recommend these lusters/glitters and GSA. Are there any brands of pearl and disco dusts that you love? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

-Pretties and Pastries 


  1. Please, non-toxic does not mean edible. Food safe does not mean edible.
    Edible products will NEVER have the disclaimer "non-toxic" or "for decoration only" or "for the enhancement of arts & crafts". Edible products list edible ingredients.

    Non-toxic means that it's OK to touch a food product and accidental ingestion will not require a call to poison control or an immediate ER visit. Food safe means, again, that it's OK to touch food [saran wrap is food safe], but in no way addresses whether a product is edible.

    NONE of the products shown is edible.

  2. Hello blakescakes,

    Most of these are actually labeled "Edible", or "U.S. Certified food color", "FDA colors", as shown in the pictures. The ones that don't have such writing on it are indeed as you said, nontoxic or for decoration only.

    Global Sugar Arts has a really great video on their site breaking down any confusion over all the different dusts.

  3. Yes, I know Alan. His video is helpful. It pre-dates some of his own edible products and somewhat minimizes the fact that non-toxic dusts are not to be eaten--even if they're approved for use in cosmetics. FDA approval for cosmetic use does not cover use on food--ever.

    My overall reaction and response was to the statement: "everything else is non-toxic/food safe/edible." That isn't accurate because it equates the 3 descriptions. Edible stands alone from the other two because many non-toxic and food safe things can touch food, but cannot be added to them. If added to food, then the food becomes inedible.

    I overstated when I said that none of the products shown are edible. I can't say why I did that, because I know most of the products shown extremely well.

    Yes, the Sterling colors, the Crystal Colors, & the GSA Hybrid dusts are edible. The highlighters and NONE of the glitters/Mystical/twinkles are edible.

  4. Right, it's seems like we have the same understanding of these products.

    I did mean for them to be seperate and not all inclusive by using the forward slashes. Perhaps commas would have been better there to get across what I actually meant.